How to Win a CSC Scholarship in 2021-2022

How to Win a CSC Scholarship in 2021-2022

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Chinese Government Scholarships by China Scholarship Council CSC is a project due to the Chinese Government’s intention at upscaling education


Based on the preliminary analysis by our team at a low-level background and high-level background, CSC stand out as a prominent Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC). However, CSC is established in the 1970s and aims at becoming an influential and professional elite among the other national scholarship council of China. CSC was founded with Chinese National Higher Education (Jiangsu) Committee, the National Department of Science and Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences as the root. Since then, it has grown as a comprehensive Chinese Scholarship Council. There are three aspects we should examine to understand CSC. To find best scholarships Click here

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The Scholarship Council CSC

According to the plan, the Scholarship Council CSC will grant 2,566 scholarships to Chinese students on top of the 95,000 scholarships promised by the Chinese government. The news was first shared by the British Council, the not-for-profit organization that supports and promotes the learning and teaching of the English language around the world. To apply for a CSC scholarship, students must be born in or before 1998 and have won an H1 Scholarship or J1 Scholarship. And, to qualify, students must have either studied in the U.K. before, or obtained a first class degree in a U.K. university. The British Council announced that students applying for CSC scholarships must attend an International Baccalaureate recognized as an IB programme. There are currently 24 IB programmes in the U.K.

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Requirements for the Scholarship

Educational background of the applicant must be in bachelor’s degree. The applicant must be an international student, either a student enrolled at a university, university college or a graduate in bachelor’s or master’s degree study, or be a graduate enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s degree study. The applicant must have a good command of Chinese language. You should be able to submit proof that you live in China. In order to be eligible for Chinese government scholarships, the candidate must hold a “lucky citizenship”, which is granted by the Chinese government and automatically given to Chinese citizen to study overseas.

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How to Apply

Can I apply for your scholarship in 2021? Yes! The 2021 application is open from September  to March. However, all applicants must register online via the website to submit the application. Please note that we offer an eight-month period before your results. However, if you have any learning difficulties or if you are a resident outside Singapore, you may wish to apply in April 2019 for the 2019/2020 award. Can I apply for more than one scholarship? Yes! You can apply for more than one scholarship. However, you can only win one scholarship (for the two-year period) or one full scholarship (three-year period) maximum. Please note that you can only apply for a scholarship twice each year. How do I apply?

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Selection Process

The scholarship committee will take applicants with excellent grades or the intended field, adding the transcript of the relevant grades. Interviews will be made after the committee finalizes its decision. The scholarship committee will also consider academic achievements and internship; the conduct of the applicants in their field of study, and the personal answers in the applications. Main Details Offers up to RM133,000 for three years of study to students from all over the country. Application Deadline 30 June 2019. Qualifications and Requirements No qualification is required but applicants must complete a two-year bachelor’s degree before applying. The selected applicant will be awarded a RM133,000 scholarship for the duration of the degree program for three years.

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Candidates should be of Chinese nationality, or if not, must have excellent English language communication skills. English language proficiency in one of the following language: English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese or French is preferred. You are also required to be enrolled in one of the six HEI accredited universities. Lastly, the personal preference of the Chinese Government is also of considerable importance. Students who apply for scholarships by the Chinese Government can receive up to 3,000,000 Chinese Yuan (around $445,000) per annum. The CSC scholarships are awarded to those who have made outstanding achievements in various fields of study and career opportunities. What are Chinese Government Scholarships in America?

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