The US and Italy for International Students

The US and Italy for International Students

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5 Best Cultural Differences Between The US and Italy for International Students

Italy is one of the most popular study abroad destinations. Studying in Italy can be an amazing experience if you’re prepared for what you’re getting into. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your stay in Italy, both while you’re there and when you go back home.

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Many people dream of studying abroad. For some, it is an escape from the monotony of everyday life. For others, it is a chance to find themselves. The decision to study abroad may seem like a no-brainer, but the experience is not always what you expect. First, make sure you’ve found the right school. You want to make sure that your program offers all the coursework you need for your degree and that there are other international students there who can help provide support and company. Next, you need to look at student life outside of class. Living in another country will be different than anything you’ve ever experienced before so prepare yourself for different customs, food, transportation, and culture shock that could

study in Italy
study in Italy

Section 1: Tips on how to get the most out of your stay in Italy

  1. Rethink the time difference

Being a long way from home, it can be hard to adjust to a different time zone and the time difference between Italy and the United States. The time difference between the two countries is quite different. In the US, Italians start their day much later than Americans, so you might want to adjust your schedule in Italy accordingly. If you’re staying in Rome or Florence, you might have trouble waking up early enough to check out all the sights at your leisure. During the semester in Florence, many Italian students stay up late in order to complete assignments.

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Make plans before you go

Some things are best avoided when abroad, and Italy is definitely one of those places. If you need to avoid people who like to smoke in the streets, don’t go to Florence. If you can’t handle having tourists in the hostel, avoid Italy. Travelling alone or without friends for the first time can be daunting, and you’re better off not having to deal with that stress while you’re still learning Italian. Make plans before you go, so you don’t have to worry about whether to join the pre-booked bus tour or whether to stay near the train station.

You need to plan in advance

Dealing with Italian bureaucracy can be a nightmare, especially if you’re not prepared. In some areas, the government agency may not process applications on time, resulting in an unnecessary delay.

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Plan your travel

Many students like to travel during the winter break when Italy is a less crowded place. Summer is the best time to travel to Italy for many reasons, one of them being that you can get an almost entire month’s worth of holiday during the summer. You can also do all your sightseeing during the warmer months instead of the winter. However, please note that the winters in Italy are very cold and rainy. So, it is best to plan your trip during the non-peak winter holiday season, such as the spring or summer.

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Purchasing currency

When you come to Italy, you will most likely have to purchase some currency. As the dollar and euro are the most popular currencies, you will have to get them at some point during your stay.

Things to Remember From Home

Italy isn’t very big, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to travel to places on your own. In particular, you can go to Pisa to visit the leaning tower of Pisa and for a Tuscan dinner, Florence is an ideal place. In Pisa, you can go to see Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa and Pisa is close to the beaches of Sorrento and Anacapri. In Florence, you can enjoy yourself by learning about the Renaissance era and the art, culture and history. In Anacapri, you can go swimming in the Mediterranean Sea and see Rome, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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  1. Beware of the System

You’ll need to register with the Italian immigration office. The process is quite a pain to go through, since you need to wait around and fill out forms.

How to Avoid Culture Shock

Let me first say, culture shock is very real. Whether you’ve studied abroad or traveled to a new country, the time will come that you will inevitably feel like you’re on another planet. It can be a culture shock no matter where you are, but you will likely be surprised by how common and severe culture shock is among international students studying in Italy. I have seen many international students not handle culture shock as well as they could have and it had a serious effect on their college experience. The key to avoiding culture shock is to be prepared.

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Get to Know the Local Community. Before you go, do some research into the culture and people in your destination city.

Connect with Italians (and other internationals)

One of the best ways to get to know a new country is to strike up a conversation with the locals, and ideally, get them to agree to a drink (at least once). In order to do this, you’ll need to be comfortable talking to people of all nationalities, including those from other countries. If you’re nervous about this, go to a bar or cafe early in the morning when people are at work and there will be fewer people around.

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You can also join an Italian language course, as most of them take in international students. Alternatively, you can use websites such as Oasis Residence and I-Learn for courseware.

Get some hands on experience

In order to really feel at home in Italy, it’s important to have some experience with the Italian language before you go there.


It’s no surprise that Italy is a popular study abroad destination for international students, as it offers an incredible cultural experience for a great price. If you’re planning to study abroad in Europe this year, or even if you’re not, you should definitely consider Italy as one of the best options. You won’t regret it. Click here for: 10 Good Reasons to Study an Engineering in Germany in 2021

Venture Into the Other Identities of Italy, All Over The Country

Italy offers more than just one city to explore. Explore the identity of Italy all over the country; visit the Alps, visit the coast, explore the Amalfi Coast, visit the famous cities, explore all those beautiful places of Italy. Take a weekend trip and see Italy at its best.

Difference between US and Italy Culture

First and foremost, culture is very different between the US and Italy. In the US, there is much more focus on entertainment, fun, partying, and everything that goes with it. In Italy, on the other hand, the majority of people are focused on education, learning about their heritage, and most importantly, to live life to its fullest. For example, to people who’ve never been to Italy, they might expect Italy to be as romantic and mysterious as the book and movie made it out to be. But because Italy is much more focused on culture than the US is, people rarely find romance. With all of the emphasis on the experience, and not just on the material things, you can really experience Italy for what it is: a society that values culture.

Study in USA
Study in USA

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